My Newborn Must Haves



Do you have a brand-new baby on the way? It is so exciting getting the news that you are pregnant. If you are anything like me, you have already started making a list of things you MUST have for your new addition! I know how fun it can be browsing aisle after aisle at the baby store, and how tedious it can be comparing brands. I know how overwhelming it can become to scour the earth for the perfect items for your precious babe! No worries anymore, I’ve got your back mama! I have compiled my favorite newborn items that worked like magic with my son when he was born (now keep in mind, every baby is different, so what worked for us may not work for you).

When, my son was born he surprised us all by coming four weeks early! I am so thankful that I had the hindsight to buy a major baby item (also diapers and wipes) every month of my pregnancy since the first day I found out. The first thing we ever bought was a packet of receiving blankets. I watched countless newborn must have videos, read magnitude of articles, but what I found was that those lists were all too pricey. My newborn must-have list is for those of you, who like me are on a budget! Most of my baby boy’s clothes came from Once Upon a Child, or another form of a consignment store. The expensive items were mostly gifts from loved ones, or we saved up for them. I want to help you find great items that will become a staple in your day to day life as a new mom, not to break the bank on flashy name brands.

My list is as followed:

  1. MamaRoo. I suggest adding this to your registry in case someone buys it for you, if not, buy second hand. This was a life saver for us. When my baby boy had colic, this was the only thing that would calm him.
  2.  Graco Extend to Fit. This is an investment piece, because it will be with your little one from newborn, until they are ready for a booster seat.
  3. A Four in One Crib. This again is an investment piece, because it will grow with your baby.
  4. Muslin Blankets. These blankets are lightweight, and when you are in a pinch, they make a great nursing cover!
  5. Diaper Champ. We decided on this over the Diaper Gene, because it works with plain old trash bags.
  6.  Travel Bassinet. We used ours all the time. It’s great for… well… travel!
  7. Wearable swaddles and blankets. These are amazing if you have a baby, like my son, who loves to snuggle.
  8. NoseFrida. Now I know that the idea behind this item seems gross, trust me, I swore I would have used it. Just wait until your baby gets their first cold, and they are miserable, and those bulb suckers are not helping any. This item clears all the congestion out in one go.
  9.  Jeep Adventure All Terrain Jogger. This stroller has performed so well. It has real tires that make going through mud, sand, and over curbs easy. It has a huge pocket under the adjustable seat. It works with most baby carriers, it has two cupholders, a huge compartment that can fit an iPhone 6 Plus.
  10. Fisher Price 4 in 1 Sling n Seat bathtub. This tub has a sling for a newborn, a removable seat for when baby learns to sit assisted, and the tub by itself for when the baby is older.
  11.  A Bottle Warmer. This is handy whether you are breastfeeding, or formula feeding.
  12.  A Boppy. The Boppy has been my son’s best friend. When he was newborn, we used it for propping him up when feeding, and for his milestone pictures.
  13.  Boba Wrap. I loved using a wrap compared to the traditional structured carrier, because all I needed was the wrap, it did not require any special insert or strap extensions.
  14. A Baby Carrier. We loved our baby carrier, it came in handy for church, restaurants, and visiting family.
  15.  MAM, Comotomo, and NUK bottles. I love MAM bottles because they are self-sanitizing. Comotomo is best for breastfeeding babies, because they are most like mother’s breast in shape. NUK has everything you could want for a baby in a bottle, and for a great price too.
  16.  Pajamas with zippers. Trust me you do not want to be fighting snaps at 3 am while changing a poopy diaper!
  17.  Skip Hop Nroprene diaper bag. I originally had a Jeep backpack diaper bag, but that broke within the first three months. The Skip Hop diaper bag I have had ever since. It has so many pockets to keep everything organized. It has hand straps and comes with a cross body one as well.
  18. Avent Soothie Pacifier. These are the first pacifiers the hospital will introduce baby to and trust me you WILL lose them. You can use any pacifier you’d prefer, but my advice to you is do not buy a pacifier that you cannot locally source. If you have a baby like my son who loves his pacifier, you do not want to be caught in the middle of a store with a screaming baby with no pacifier. I have friends who wanted to be trendy and got those pacifiers you can only find online. Needlessly to say when they needed it most but couldn’t find it, they regretted it (especially if it is the only kind baby will take).
  19. If you have an old car that is worth more upkeep than the Kelly Blue Book price, then I suggest looking into getting a new (or used) car. That is what we had to do. We had an old Ford Windstar that was bought second hand, it was on its last leg. We decided to trade in our van and an old car we own, but that did not run.
  20. A Baby Monitor. We have a very basic baby monitor, a V-Tech one to be exact. I find it very useful when my son is napping, and I have to do my housework. I did not want to invest in a camera one when he was newborn because he could not do much, now that he is older I am considering one. Especially since he wants to pull himself up in his crib (it is lowered all the way down, but it still freaks me out).

That concludes my list of babies must-haves. I could have kept going on about poopy bags, what baby wash is best, and so forth. However, that is something for another post.

I hope you have found my list to be helpful when it comes to deciding on items for your little one.



10 thoughts on “My Newborn Must Haves

  1. This is definitely a great list! I agree that not everybody has the budget to buy all of the really expensive baby stuff that is out there. I really wanted a mamaroo, but we got a graco swing instead. I swear by the nosefrida!


  2. Pajamas with zippers 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼Yes! I Had so many button up pajamas and it can get frustrating! Even when they get older and move all over the place…yeah, zippers all the way! Great list! Great read!


  3. Some of these after having our fourth I realized that for us they just weren’t needed. However I love love love my nursing pillow. I NEED a baby carrier, the pjs with zippers is super important as well.


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